We consume a dairy product with somatic cancer cells

Agribusinessman: We consume a dairy product with somatic cancer cells

Palm oil arrives in Bulgaria in containers with ready-made containers, revealed Nedko Mitev

Two times the winner of the title "Agribusinessman of Bulgaria", awarded by the Bulgarian farmer, reveals in an interview with how veterinary control is carried out. "The veterinary services changed the certificates for leucosis. They come to us to check and ask a professor to tell me something new to learn. He replies, "I have to make cheese and show how cheese is made, the other I do not care". Leukosis is an animal's blood cancer. One liter of milk passes through the cow's milk 80 liters of blood. Well, if there is leukosis - what milk are we talking about? The animals must go straight away. I ask the professor - at least from a scientific point of view, is not he interested in this? He says, "Everyone is responsible for the herds." That's why we are a sick people! And one of the reasons is that a dairy product with somatic cancer cells is consumed. "
On the question of how palm oil comes into our country, the agribusinessman explains: "Palm oil arrives in tanks with ready-made containers, put in plastic molds of 1 kg, otherwise it collapses, pouring liquid into these molds with which it In these molds is placed dry milk, starch, stabilizer, gelatin, etc. It is made a constructive grating - in the morning it is cut into smaller volumes and ... it is immediately on the market This is the ready-made dairy product goes to the big chains, there is no gram of milk, but there is dry milk, part of it comes from the Chernobyl region, and our media are busy with some of these things, but the truth, as it is, is failing to go out to society, two years ago, a company in Burgas that won a food contest in kindergartens and schools, she had poured a ton of dry milk from Chernobyl, whether it be to children, not to grandparents - that's enough for that bastard and this cynicism - this is the situation! Everything can be checked, but nobody wants to worry, shrinks, everyone keeps silent and watches it from his mouth, "says the witchesman.
Mitev explained how and where he places his milk. I'm selling it to the dairy, the other one selling it to the dairies, the big dairies take the milk but they pay it after 1 month, and do not make their pure milk products as I want, and as mine is, and only put 20% pure milk - the other is jelly, dry milk Gelatin no one knows where it comes from and he arrives in tanks Generally, gelatin is harvested in the slaughterhouses - blood and desires - it passes through a special technology, melts, evaporates, then condensation, hacking is an enhancer and so he arrives at us milk pounds and milk cheeses, which are of very low costs.Kg of cheese, made only by imitation products, costs 2 leva, put another 2 levs for the one who mixes cocktails, another 2 levs for the chains that will sell it, and here you are the product that is in the market, they put some nice labels, they buy from Belarus for the pennies, they are the best, the most glossy, but they conceal the real state - that they are selling an imitation product, "the farmer said.
According to him, about one kilogram of real cheese is needed at least 5-6 liters. "In the summer, we sell the milk at 72 stotinki and its price is 63 stotinki - there is 10 stotinki difference between price and cost 6 liters of milk at 72 stotinki are 4 leva and 20 stotinki, to which is added 2 levs for production cost - - at 6,20, plus 20% VAT and how much - 7 leva I sell my cheese at 7,40 leva and I push the prices on top I sell in small shops I have my own chain - there is no addition, no overcharge. However, there are tarsiers who sell my cheese for BGN 11. I give it for 7 leva at a discount. "
Nedko Mitev is the owner of "Nedko Nedkov - Ovcharovo". There is a herd of 10,000 cows in Holstein, he has introduced a supermodern technology in which for 10 minutes 40 cows are harvested. Twenty-four hours a day, 100 tons of milk come out of the farm.

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We consume a dairy product with somatic cancer cells We consume a dairy product with somatic cancer cells